A play to help break the stigma of mental illness.

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What is StanD the Play?

Our mission is to raise awareness about mental health and wellness as well as the cultural influences around mental illness. We put on the play and directly after have a conversation about mental health.

We hope to reach all the schools and mental health conferences throughout the world. We do this because we want to present human faces with a topic that has built so much stigma. Please take a moment to dive into our history, our present and how you can bring this play to your organization for the future.

StanD = performance + discussion


A cast of six actors will present the story of StanD which is about Christopher’s real-life struggle with Bipolar Disorder.


A moderator will lead a conversation with the cast, creatives and audience about mental health and the play's themes.

Connect With Us

If you're interested in booking StanD for your school or event, please fill out the interest form and we'll connect with you.